Airdrop FAQ

How many tokens are being airdropped? A total of 100,000 SOLR will be airdropped to our early supporters

What is the process to be eligible for airdrop? Apply for our whitelist and you are automatically eligible for the airdrop too!

When will the winners be announced? Winners will be announced after the SOLR public IDO is complete

When can winners claim their SOLR tokens? We will announce the exact date after IDO What are the chances of getting the airdrop? Airdrop will be a lottery from the eligible list of whitelist applications who have not won the IDO allocation. It is not FCFS.

How many tokens can each airdrop winner expect? More details will be shared on airdrop after the IDO is complete, for now, all you need to do is to apply for the whitelist to be eligible for the airdrop.

Are there any eligibility criteria for winning airdrop?

  1. You have to fill the whitelist application

  2. You should not have won the IDO allocation

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