General FAQ

What is SolRazr? SolRazr is the first decentralised developer ecosystem for Solana. We offer Launchpad, Accelerator and Developer Tools. SolRazr is designed to be the de-facto fund-raising and developer platform for projects building on Solana, aiming to support the growth of DeFi, NFTs and web3 applications that can scale.

What problems are you solving? Retail investors don’t have easy access to invest in good quality projects beijing built on Solana. High transaction costs and network congestion are a huge problem for retail investors. Building on Solana is simple. Learning curve is steep and lack of high quality developer tools.

What are SolRazr’s unique features? Tradable Allocations: Reimagining token sale whitelists and allocations by leveraging the power of NFTs on Solana. Accelerator: Under Accelerator program - we incubate projects, help with go-to market strategy and provide tools to build fast on Solana. Developer Tools: Helping project developers build fast and launch faster by automating token infrastructure deployment on Solana. Cross-chain Pools: Built on Solana wormhole, cross-chain pools allow communities from other chains to invest directly into Solana projects.

How are you different from the competition? Compared to all launchpads out there, SolRazr will be one of the fastest and inexpensive to use because it is powered by Solana. Additionally, we are also innovating on the allocation models using NFTs which no one launchpad is doing today. Using NFTs, we allow fair and truly decentralised allocations but more importantly, NFTs can be tradable so your allocation can be gifted or transferred to anyone. Additionally, with NFTs, we are creating a secondary market for allocations. More information on this can be found here

What is the team behind this project? Founders are entrepreneurs with ~15 years of experience in building highly scalable products serving millions of users. More information on the entire team can be found here

Who are the investors? We have been fortunate to partner with some reputed VC firms and angels. Full list of our investors can be found here

What is the utility for your token?

  1. Allocations to private and curated pools is exclusive to SOLR token holders

  2. SOLR tokens can be staked for longer periods to earn rare allocations

  3. Voting rights and project governance when DAO is formed

  4. Access to various developer tools

How secure is the platform? Is it bot-proof? Tell us more. Our launchpad code is audited by Kudelski Security, one of the best security audit firms. The audit report and our own code is published publicly. You can find other important information below in these links:

What are the token economics? More information on this can be found here

Where can I find more information about SolRazr? We are very active on Twitter and Telegram. Please follow us there for more real-time updates on what we are up to. Official Telegram Announcements - Official Telegram Community - Official Twitter - Medium -

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