Tradable Allocations

Leveraging the power of NFTs

Decentralised launchpads have revolutionized crypto fund-raising in 2021 the same way decentralized exchanges have revolutionized crypto assets trading. Projects can raise capital without any friction while millions of retail investors can participate in the fund-raising with just a wallet.

However, the promise to realise the full potential of decentralized fund-raising is laden with issues as many launchpads are struggling to enable fair allocations to the retail investors. Most launchpads enable only large token holders to participate in the token sales or use FCFS (first-come-first-served) model where allocation pools are attacked and taken by bots. Retailers who want to invest a small amount cannot afford to pay exorbitant gas fees to compete for the allocations.

While some launchpads are attempting to conduct fair launches through lotteries and ticketing systems, we at SolRazr are reimagining the solution through tokenized allocations by leveraging the power of NFTs.

Detailed post on NFT based allocations is coming soon...

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