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Turbocharge your Solana development with powerful developer tools

Crypto space is exploding with multiple new projects with very real and productive use cases in DeFi, NFTs and web3 in the last two years. There is a frenzy of development activity on multiple L1 blockchains. Solana, specifically leading all the way with some very high quality projects. The transition to crypto world is currently is not very easy and have at least two chasms to cross

  • The learning curve is steep

  • Lack of good developer tools

SolRazr Build aims to solve these two problems with a set of powerful developer tools for Solana. So, what is it really?

What is SolRazr Build?

It is a set of developer tools to manage your entire dApp development lifecycle on Solana. It will help you build, test, monitor, debug, document and publish your Solana dApps.

  • Build: Define your apps, set your workspace, collaborate with your team members and more importantly, scale infinitely with custom SolRazr RPC endpoints.

  • Monitor: Monitor your applications for response times, failed requests, rate limits and concurrent requests all from one dashboard

  • Debug: Do a deep dive into issues for easy debugging

  • Webhooks: Trigger notifications with a single click to your dApps based on specific triggers

  • Code templates and tutorials: Access high quality code repositories and tutorials curated by the community to quickly start building

  • No-code tools: Even non developers can quickly launch their dApps on Solana by simply interacting with our no-code platform

We have an ambitious roadmap ahead and are super stoked to get all of this into the hands of Solana developers. As we progress, we will share a detailed roadmap with the community. We would love to hear from all the Solana developers. Here’s to developer productivity!

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